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what is real....

In my eyes so much is magical and beautiful and memorable and calling out to be honored. People I know and those I don't, the amazing orchestrations and manifestations of the  colorful natural world, and the drama and the comedy in everything, all inspire me to record them. 


Sweet moments recorded in snap shots and old polaroids are largely the subjects of my portaits.  Overexposed, kodachrome or black and white images of my childhood provide a point of departure for the meditative process of delving into the moment in time, enlarging the experience and developing a new image in a new medium from an old process.



I have had the honor of creating portraits for and of loved ones and events. In some cases the final work is based on a composite of several photographs and some are collages, and mixed media mementos of personal experiences.

If you are interested in comemorating a special person or event please email me.



Flowers, Fruit, Vegetables, Insects, Landscapes, and Objects, provide a riot of color and texture and worlds worth investigating.












Stefanie Bradie

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