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This vintage antique silver amulet is from Rajasthan India. The subject of this amulet is Bheru or bhairava, a form of Shiva, accompanied by his vehicle, a dog. Bhairava translates as "terrifying" and it is an adjective applied to Shiva in his fearful aspect.Lord Shiva is known as the destroyer. He destroys in order to keep the cycle of life in flow.  He destroys the things that block us in order for us to be in flow. 

I've paired Shiva with these lovely aquamarine beads because he is often depicted as having a light blue throat. The blue represents a parable about Lord Shiva drinking a poison so the rest of the world could be saved from it. The lesson is that "poison" in ourselves can neither be spit out nor swallowed but must be neutralized by our constant awareness.

Shiva will keep you in the flow!
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    adjustable length - 16" to 34"

    Shipping within the U.S. is included

    For purchases that will be shipped outside the U.S. please email first

Stefanie Bradie

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